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 The following loglines for short and feature screenplays are available for production consideration. More information and the scripts are available upon request.


In this edgy romantic comedy, Walter sits alone in an empty theatre to wait for a Greta Garbo film to begin, and then Carrie, a stranger, sits next to him.  Confrontation ignites; technical problems delay the screening, humor, and then this couple share surprise revelations. (12 pages, 2 locations.)

In this drama, after Daron develops several old 35 mm. rolls of film, he discovers links to the past, present, and future. ( 8 pages, 3 locations.)

Shopping Cart
In this drama, Jan, demands the return of a fold able shopping cart from a stranger assuming he took it from under her porch. After Jan learns of this mistake, she takes off on a quest to find him for a return of his cart along with a slim chance of finding her long lost son.
 2 versions: 1. (10 pages, 3 locations.)
                     2. (35 pages, 6 locations.)

Stay Warm
In this drama, Jack with Michael, his young son, offer comfort to a homeless man. This also provides a break from the grief they share for the recent death of Mary, a beloved wife and mother.
 2 versions: 1. (5 pages, 3 locations.)
                     2. (11 pages, 4 locations.)

Paradise Party
In this drama-fantasy, Alan celebrates life with joy, generosity, and inspiration with others around him. 2 versions: 1. (13 pages, 2 locations.)
                    2. (20 pages, 5 locations.)

Guitar Dances
In this drama-fantasy, Beverly, a choreographer observes Joe as a stranger with a walking disability along with his guitar on a city sidewalk. Then, she discovers his musical talent which leads to mutual inspiration. (8 pages, 3 locations.)

Close Enough
In this drama, the boundaries of the long term platonic friendship between Larry, a straight man, and Gary, a gay man, are challenged as they deal with other life issues.  (9 pages, 2 locations.)

Tide Flash
In this drama-fantasy, Charles has writer’s block, a rip tide threatens his life, and then he discovers inspiration from a teen who shares a story.
(10 pages, 3 locations)

On Line
In this sci-fi-fantasy, a small diverse group waits in an urban bus depot line to experience role reversals when the bus arrives. (8 pages, 1 location.)


Inside End Out

In this fantasy sci-fi, Terri, a pretty teen, instantly becomes a handsome boy, caused by an accidental Alien intrusion.

The compassionate "Aliens", in disguise, regret this mistake with a vow to correct it, but warn that in the meantime other gender changes to Terri may occur beyond their control.
With both humorous and serious adventures, Terri navigates the storms of growing up. Upon reaching the early twenties, he falls in love and then switches back to female. Soon, the "Aliens" discover a remedy which allows the decision to remain a woman. Then, Terri's outer beauty is challenged by an accident, which brings forth the values of inner beauty.

(110 pages.)


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More Magic

In this drama, Brent Benton is the shared name of a Caucasian actor and an African American actor twenty years apart with sexual orientation among their other differences. They meet as strangers, confront, and then collaborate for their mutual benefits.

Older Brent has a loving childhood along with the trauma of his parent’s divorce and the adjustments of being gay. After some early actor experience, he switches to writing which seriously replaces the pursuit of acting. In the meantime, younger Brent with a stable childhood, grows up to embrace an acting career without consideration that his name conflicts with another. He becomes a sexy action hero igniting into celebrity. Then, older Brent, now middle aged, wants to return to acting, but the high profile of younger Brent becomes a constant reminder of what might have been and may have been taken away. Their name becomes contentious, but older Brent decides to work with it.  He writes the screenplay, “Identity” about their situation and then presents it to younger Brent as a vehicle for both of them to act in. Although, their first meeting has friction, respect soon develops into a decision of collaboration. While young Brent recovers from a violent attack by a crazed fan, older Brent lands an acting role which brings a positive new spark of recognition. He also decides to change his name which brings more liberation. Then, gay older Brent helps the straight young Brent challenge and stretch his acting by writing him a gay part in a screenplay. After their film is released, older Brent receives rave reviews for his screenplay and young Brent receives rave reviews for his acting.  

(107 pages.)

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Life Jolt

In this drama feature, Jeff is falsely arrested caused by the crimes of his love partner. Then, creativity guides his recovery.
Jeff is a playwright and HIV patient when he is falsely arrested caused by the crimes of his partner Keith. They live separately, but have maintained a supportive fourteen year relationship. This shocking event which involves internet and telephone fraud instantly rips them apart along with others. Within this difficult challenge, Jeff embraces writing, photography, spirituality, family, friends and strangers. This support and inspiration moves him  forward towards reconciliation with Keith.
(110 pages.)





 A Peeling
In this edgy romantic comedy, Jenny, as a stranger, wants Tom  to pose for her art project.

Jenny, an artist, and Tom, a photographer, meet as strangers on a quiet ocean beach. She asks him to pose nude for her art project which combines photography with painting. He agrees to consider her proposal and then moves on to his usual Friday night bar to meet with friends. These merry Bohemians go around with dance, flirtations, drinks, and laughter, and then the stranger Linda arrives with a shocking surprise. A “normal” Friday night – it is not to be, nor are the next two weeks. These six characters interact with both verbal and physical passion. Sometimes more talk than action as they seek creative places. After the sudden deaths of both Linda and Tom’s grandmother, Tom agrees along with friends and others to pose nude for Jenny’s project. Later, at Jenny's art show with their images on display, a celebration erupts with toasts and nods for more life adventures for the members of this love gang.

(100 pages.)


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