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 “ROAMING, Elicits a compelling trajectory of interior thoughts and motivations courtesy of the lone character depicted.
The park locale is ideal for the ROAMING mise-en-scene. Its casualness and relaxed mood contrasts with the main character's tense voice and the even stranger voice of the mysterious caller.
The director chose to use many close-ups of the protagonist, and this set-up works well in augmenting his perplexities while trying to deal with the unexpected. Truly, "The eyes have it."
To keep us visually interested, too, the character continues to move through the park.
Not what you would call a typical surprise ending but a rewarding one, as is the entire film”. – John Hart

“It is a sad but hopeful story. Very well written and acted.” – Brian Burton.

“ I think the concept is very relevant, we are all plugged in but to everyone else, not to ourselves. “ – Darby Dechristopher.

“I really liked it!! Such a truly fantastic concept!!” –Ely Pinto.

“What a delightful piece  to watch.  I loved it. The pace was very contemporary, fresh and on target...crisp. And, it sends a powerful message in a zippy way without hitting people over the head.” – Gloria Delaney.



“I think this piece is wonderful! Lots to think about and done very VERY PROFESSIONALLY!  THE FILMING, ACTING AND OF COURSE THE WRITING OUTSTANDING!!!!” – Donna Elliott.


“Loved It. I especially liked the homeless lady”. – Ed Snyder.


“It kind of struck me as a Roaming 2.0! Hearing the voice out of the blue… really cool, well done, well written… very very impressed!!” – Zach Katagiri

“That's so sweet and inventive...and really well done.  I loved it!” – Beverly Chassler


“Delightful and sweet!” – Bob Arnold.


“It is very funny and you did an excellent job.  Congratulations!” –Eammon.


“Awesome film!”- Lynsi Burton


Beverly –

 "I think it’s very well done.  And you, my dear, are wonderful in it."  … 

Lorna –

"The pilot is awesome!
I absolutely love the concept."

Renee –

"Loved it...lit well..shot well edited wrll"

Zach –

"That is an awesome first episode! And I love your part of it — they made it look so gritty!

Nice work, man!"

Dominic –

"Your acting performance in 'Lilac' is excellent.  I had no idea that you were talented in acting as well as writing.  You are now getting the credit you deserve for your talent(s)!
How did they do the arrow piercing p
arts wi
BRAVO !!!"

Eammon –

"You are very impressive Steve."

Dominic –
"Very effective creepiness, Steve!!!

I wanna see all of it!"

Brian –

 "Very effective blood curdling scream, Steve. Looks like dark creepiness with a message. Hope it's successful."


"Thoroughly enjoyed...thanks...can't wait for the next... Dark...painful......arming of the arrow..

 Great job...waiting to see what miss Robyn Hood does next...I can see her wheels turning.
Also I wanting to find out about that last guy offering help...does she need help? Will she take it?...or is he a bad guy?

 yes, I concur...the ending of the pilot left you wanting more!"

Dominic –

"It's amazing to see!!!"

Wally –

"Fantastic! Look forward to seeing more."

John Hart-

 "Very impressive.
Professional job all round, for sure.
Keep up the good work Mr. Bruceton!"

Christopher –

Or shall I say, Mr. Bruceton, Loll. This was exciting, and full of surprises. Congratulations on creating such a thrilling part!!"

Ben E –

 "I watched the pilot.  Great work!!"

Lynsi –

"WHAT!!! So cool! That is very exciting! Great job! I don't remember if I ever responded to you about the pilot. It was very cool and I thought you were the best part!"   

"The pilot for Lilac is great! I just watched it again. You are a good actor, "already!!!" I was a wreck watching you!!" - SASA

"Very nice song and great production values, and love your performance Steve.. ... Congrats on the fine work you have done! ..." :) Ed

"So awesome, Steve!!!!" Zach


Fear .

“Thanks for the wonderful evening of theater. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed"Fear". The writing was clear, engaging, poignant and absolutely hilarious. The acting was relaxed and immediate -- to my mind the best kind of acting. I can't say enough about how pleased I was to be in the theater on last evening and take the journey along with you and your colleages. What fun! “– Horace Beasley.



“I thouroughly enjoyed myself tonite! The play was both fun and tragic, and played very well”. –Joey Preston


"It's very thought-provoking," one gentleman mused. "It stays with you."

"That was a great piece of theatre!" another exuded.

"I'd like to see it again!" – Laura Daniel












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