[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE This storyteller Steven Burton (also known as Steven Bruceton) is a writer, actor, and photographer known for the short films Roaming (2008), Candu (2012), Look Beyond (2012), and Garbo Fans (2018). He also acted with a lead role in the award winning Lilac (2014) web series pilot. He was born in Norwich, New York, raised in Bellevue, Washington, a graduate of Washington State University, lived in California, and then a long time resident of New York City. A recurring part on General Hospital (1980-83) began the acting career.  While working at the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service for fourteen years, his writing and acting continued for theater in New York. Fear (2001), Rounds (2003), and Close Enough (2017) were among the productions. Also, landscape, street, and nature photography continues recently with the video photo albums, New York City Dream Views (2016), Northwest Reunion (2016), and Colors (2016). Long walks on un-crowded ocean beaches with camera are among the favorite pastimes. Improvised, spontaneous experiences are his most memorable as the magic of life curiosity continues. 

Information about his screenplays available for productions are on this site. Each story has its own unique possibilities through the interpretation and collaboration process as they leave the page into production.  He has been fortunate to have worked with people who have contributed greatly to adapting the scripts into production.  The surprises have been mostly joyous. These talented directors include Zach Katagiri, Amy Coleman, Renee Vargas, Edward Snyder,

Hawk Henderson, Claire Mondragon, James Neihouse, John Hart, Joseph Stevens, Armando Barca, and Hank Isaac. They are treasured collaborations that are memorable with much gratitude.

His strengths as a writer focus upon character, story and real dialogue.  The scripts on this site offer many possibilities for adaptation, collaboration, and co-writing. These stories are just the beginning with invitations to take flight with more imaginations and openness.  A spark of inspiration is magic. First alone with it followed by collaboration which may take off towards further discovery. These experiences are special now as they continue for more adventures.